Reviewed on 02nd Nov 2015

They were great and really contributed to the theme of the long lunch / gin bar ambience.  Much appreciative of your help.  I hope they enjoyed themselves. Kind regards, DenelleMcDonald’s Australia Ltd


Reviewed on 12th Aug 2015

They were fantastic! Thank you to the whole band for putting on an exceptional and memorable show! All of our guests were really impressed. I shall definitely recommend them for the future! Kind regards, Gemma


Reviewed on 03rd Aug 2015

Sorry to get back a bit late.  Morning was spent  tying up loose ends with the venue people and  sending back decors hired from Brisbane etc.  Anyway, yes the night went really really well!!!   I have had positive feedback from staff members.  Everybody had a great time.   Ari was on top of things. He was in control and that calmed my nerves as organiser.  Clare had a fantastic voice and Adam really engaged with the group making sure as many people had fun on the dance floor.  As a group the band did a fabulous job – from the brass, drums, vocals and strings.  Again, thank you it was great to have such wonderful and talented musicians entertaining us at our most important event of the year. Carmen Velasco