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Travel Flexibility

We are based in Brisbane and are prepared to travel anywhere in SE Qld by vehicle.  We are prepared to travel further such as northern NSW, where an overnight stay would be necessary, but accommodation would need to be covered. 

We are open to consider regional, interstate and international travel offers.  However, we all have other occupations and need to consider other commitments. 



Regardless of the requirements of your function or venue, Brisbane Angels Tribute Band will be able to cater to your needs.  We will provide sound equipment that matches the needs of the venue, regardless of size or challenges. If you operate under low noise expectations, we will comply with your requests in a professional manner.


We do have two experienced sound technicians. However, we would normally bring an extra person to manage sound. However, if we are asked to operate under our desired budget level, we would have to provide sound management within our band. This is an option for smaller pubs that have a more limited budget.


Please be sure to clearly outline your sound, lighting and technical requirements well before your function date.